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Leon Vanderbilt Antiques offers one of the finest selections of American and European 18th and 19th century furniture and has been selling, buying and restoring fine antiques for 35 years. We are specialists in the conservation and restoration of fine antique furniture and offer a wide variety of client services including:




Wood Carving and Turning

Complete Structural Restoration


  • Furniture evaluation and appraisal service

  • Estimate and liquidation assistance (antiques, furniture and accessories)

  • Sourcing, procurement service to assist clients

  • Contract, maintenance and service programs tailored for museum, corporate and large private collections

  • Expert pickup and delivery service
  • Estimates are provided, and client insurance claims/emergency matters are handled professionally and confidentially.

Exquisite French Polishing 

Preservation of Old Finishes

Patina Veneer and Inlay Work  

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